NEXT GIG: Thurs 14th December 2017 - The Slimline Shufflers at The Stable, Bristol

Eric Arthur plays piano with Bucucrasu & The Slimline Shufflers. Our style is rooted in the New Orleans blues tradition, taking inspiration from piano masters like Dr John and James Booker.  We enjoy composing tunes that break new musical ground, with odd metered grooves and a rich mix of influences that includes jazz, latin, hip hop, jungle, folk and classical.  We also bring a fresh take to many of the great blues classics.

The piano is truly the king of instruments and the New Orleans piano style is uniquely suited to absorbing new influences and evolving into fresh grooves.  The legendary Professor Longhair was memorably described as the “Bach of rock”. In our own West Country way we continue the exploration of the motherlode of funk that is the New Orleans blues style. 

Have a listen to our EPs and come to one of our gigs. You can book us to play here.


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